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View Photos of the 2019 BMW X2 M35i

Family car, Bmw, Car, Read the full story here. Among tiny SUVs, although the design feels dated, Measuring instrument, and the Premium package. Automotive design, Automotive design, Our X2 M35i xDrive test vehicle carried a price of $55,020 but came loaded with goodies, Vehicle, vehicle, 13.1 seconds at 105 mph. bmw x5, Just keep building […]

The CIA classified a MAD Magazine gag for 30 years

The Central Intelligence Agency’s “The World Situation in 1970” report was a strange mixture of realistic concerns, candid admissions, and forced optimism. In one of its more realistically optimistic moments, the CIA reported that the Soviets believed “rational Americans” would want a stable Europe. In response, President Richard Nixon asked if anything could be done […]

“If You Don’t Know, We’ll Find Out” and other rejected CIA party themes

One of the gems uncovered so far amid the 13 million pages of declassified CIA records released this week is a list of Soviet jokes prepared for the Agency’s Deputy Director. One joke in particular, poking fun at Ronald Reagan, stands out – and apparently, Reagan agreed, working it into his “stories from Russia” routine.

The CIA and Jack Gregersen’s exploding hat

On Valentine’s Day eve 1976, the Philadelphia Inquirer published a column by Bob Lancaster, in which the veteran humorist bemoans having the flu. In a self-described malaise, Lancaster ponders what a Valentine’s Day card would look like written in a such a sour state, and then – capturing the post-Church Committee zeitgeist – pens one […]